Counseling Agreement

By participating in Biblical Counseling through Victorious Christian Living International (VCLi), you agree to and acknowledge the following:

  1. You will receive Biblical Counseling from a qualified VCLi Biblical Counselor (not a state-licensed therapist).
  2. The Bible will be our final source of authority.
  3. We will meet for one hour every week by Skype or by phone.
  4. We will discuss problems, needs, or questions pertinent to your life in these areas: Spiritual, Psychological, Social, Physical, Financial, Marital and Parental.
  5. There will be no charge for our counseling sessions. We do require you to pay a monthly fee of $14.85 to access the Online Biblical Resources you will need for your counseling sessions.
  6. You will prepare for each Biblical Counseling session by reading and/or listening to your assigned lessons.
  7. You understand VCLi Biblical Counselors provide biblical advice and do not make decisions for you.
  8. Crimes involving abuse of a minor, elder or dependent adult, by law must be reported to the child protective or social services agency of your state.