Kids SALT (Seven Areas of Life Theater)

Click here for a short audio/visual overview of this wonderful program presented by our Director of Materials, Valerie Paine.

The Kids SALT (Seven Areas of Life Theater) helps you teach children the essentials of life through powerful scriptures, fun songs, unforgettable diagrams, and attention-grabbing skits.

The messages are clear, biblical and memorable. Lessons are based on SALT and formatted around the Cycle of Discipleship – hearing, applying and sharing.

Everyone grows with this comprehensive curriculum – the Leaders, Parents, Kids and Families!

Kids SALT is versatile and can be presented with minimal preparation. It can be a “small production” or a “big production” one with actors, lights, sound affects, sets, rehearsals and full costuming.

Kids SALT can be used for Vacation Bible School, kid’s camp, Sunday School programs or Children’s Church curriculum.