How to Become a VCLi Partner Member


If you already know that you want to join you can click through to our Payment Options Page where you can choose between annual and monthly payment options.

Video Presentation: VCLi Partner Membership Benefits

Membership is one of the most exciting new initiatives at VCLi. For years we’ve been looking for a way to make more of our materials more accessible to more people.

We understand what it’s like for disciple-makers. You want to help people and it’s not fun to have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the materials you need. For many of you, it’s just not a very good option to order materials through the mail and have to wait before you can start using them in a one-on-one or small group situation.

Membership changes all that. Becoming a VCLi Partner Member means that you have instant access to nearly every piece of material we’ve ever published. It’s tremendously exciting for us because our membership site gives us the means to continually grow the library. The benefits of a VCLi Partners membership will increase over time as existing materials are brought online and new materials are added.