Seven Areas of Life Training

Seven Areas of Life Training® (SALT) is a discipleship series designed to teach people God’s plan in the seven areas of life: spiritual, psychological, social, physical, financial, marital and parental. The series consists of workbooks, Instructor Guide and DVDs.


There are seven student workbooks in the SALT series. Each book focuses on a different area of life and contains 4 lessons. Each lesson is filled with scripture, text, application questions and simple diagrams to illustrate foundational Biblical truths.

DVD Series

All 28 lessons have been videotaped and are available as a set of 7 high quality DVDs. The set is perfect for Sunday school classes, coaching or mentoring programs, individuals, small groups, and missionary work as a teaching or training tool.

Instructor’s Guide

The Instructor’s Guide gives step by step instructions for teaching SALT and leading SALT groups. It comes with a PowerPoint CD of all diagrams.

SALT Products