Tell Me a Story

storytellerLately I've been reading and thinking about telling stories. In my profession (marketing), storytelling is all the rage because we’re waking up to the tremendous power that stories have to influence people. Much has been written on this topic and a worthwhile investment of your time would be a Google search on “hard-wired for stories”. One example of the articles you'll find is from the Harvard Business Review called “Why Your Brain Loves a Good Story”.

Here's why I mention this: we all have a tendency to pontificate (I know I do). Unfortunately, pontification doesn't influence people nearly as well as storytelling (“To pontificate is to express your opinion in an annoying way, often because you go on too long or because you are too much of a know-it-all.” source: See? I'm starting to pontificate about pontification! Ugh …

Tell me a story. Any story – maybe it's your story; maybe it's a story about a changed life. You can write your story by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” link above this post.

Another way for you to get involved in telling your story is to take the VCLi 10-Day Discipleship Challenge. Day 7 is about how your new identity has changed your life. What's changed for you?

There's also a Facebook group for the challenge where you can share your thoughts. Come join us!

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