"Beach Church is enjoying all of the many benefits of being a VCLi online partner member.

"Our SALT classes are going strong with 60-70 attending each week and over 300 people in our church having completed at least one 4-week class of the Seven Areas of Life Training Classes this past year. A leadership team has been developed and trained and more than half have completed all the areas of life. Our online membership has allowed us to receive all the materials at a discounted price which we pass along in our Church Book Store along with the ability to copy as much of the materials that we need. We like the fact that we have all of these tools available to us 24/7!

"Our Pastors, Todd Elliott and Damon Adcock have used SALT to preach a complete series of financial messages as well as teaching Parenting and Marriage workshops this past summer.

"VCLi's materials have been foundational for our leadership and discipleship training as well as instrumental in our community outreach ministry. We are enjoying much fruit as our Lord uses this foundational tool bag of SALT for transforming lives and for HIS Glory."
Linda Stapleton
Beach Church Ministry leader
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I can't say enough about the SALT materials and their impact. The lessons are easy to use in almost any setting and they really speak to the participants. We use SALT as our main discipleship ministry curriculum. The awesome thing about the program is how it encourages others to get involved in being a part of the discipleship team. I heartily recommend the materials for churches with a vision for discipleship."

Pastor Randy Southwick
Men’s Ministry
Calvary Community Church

"SALT discipleship training and curriculum has helped Skyway to establish a solid foundation for spiritual growth for our entire church body. It is one of the most reproducible ministry tools that I have ever seen. SALT works! From the student to the teacher/facilitator I can't see any better training for churches to include as part of their process to fulfill God's mandate to make disciples."
Sherry Holliday
Discipleship Pastor
Skyway Church of the West Valley

"SALT is not only discipling the South Sudanese, SALT is evangelizing South Sudan, and SALT is effectively helping to restore a country damaged by war and atrocities. The SALT is now well entrenched and spreading across South Sudan. It is growing and touching the lives of those lost and needy souls."

Steve Evers
Director In Touch Mission International
Tempe, AZ

"SALT has changed my life! The major change took place when I went through the Spiritual Book – Chapter 4 "I Am Accepted". My dad used the worldly way of exercising his authority as a parent, in other words, you were accepted based on your performance. I grew up being performance-oriented and a people pleaser.

"I vowed never to be this way with my children but during this lesson I realized I had become just like my dad. I was focusing on my children's weaknesses instead of their strongpoints. God convicted me and I repented to God and my children. Our relationship has completely changed. Before they never opened up their feelings to me but now they are open and we share honest communication and love. God is working in my life and my childrens' lives.

"This is only one area of my life that God has transformed. I could write a book on others. Thank you, VCLi for the SALT material."
Kathy L.
Myrtle Beach, SC
SALT Participant

"Taking this course has given me the confidence to approach people knowing I have the tools to lead anyone to Christ, and I am just the messenger, the Holy Spirit does the work. It has kept me in the scriptures on a daily basis as well as preparing and praying a lot more before I act. I now have the tools at hand, in a simple very usable text to backup any information I have presented so the person knows this is not my opinion but Bible-based."

Evie S.
Sun Lakes, AZ
Biblical Advisor Training

"I took the SALT course some years ago and it made a huge impact in my life. I had a similar experience this time through. It has definitely made me more confident to use the Word of GOD as the main resource when advising people. The fact that GOD spoke in the Bible about every single aspect of life gives me assurance that GOD know us in a very intimate level. As our creator only he can offer the best solution to our problems. I also have a deeper appreciation for the intervention of the Holy Spirit while counseling my client I'm learning to rely on HIS provision rather that in my own knowledge."
Alfredo H.
Tolleson, Arizona
Graphic Designer and Personal Assistant

The VCLi team had the privilege to take SALT Parenting and Marriage seminars to a Prison in Tucson, AZ. This testimony is from a Prison Fellowship volunteer that went into observe.

"In all of my 40 years as a Christian I've never been to a better seminar on family and marriage. The simplicity and yet profound curriculum was top rate. The prisoners were stunned at what they received- and they got it! I was amazed at the response of the men. If you could have heard them in the final feedback, it was mind boggling as they echoed back all that they learned. There were tears as healing took place and they resolved to work on what they learned."